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Shandong Huaxia tower crane

Shandong Huaxia tower crane

Shandong Huaxia tower crane, registered and established in Shandong / Weihai City in 1985, is now relocated to Linyi. Our company operates tower cranes in the mode of production and processing; Piling machine; Mixing station; Construction elevator; Tower crane, the processing method is incoming processing, the processing technology is machining, other mechanical hardware technology, assembly, and the service field is machinery; Hardware has more than 1000 employees and a registered capital of 90 million yuan. If you are interested in our products, technology or services, you are welcome to call or come to consult at any time.
Linyi Huaxia heavy industry

Linyi Huaxia heavy industry

Linyi Huaxia heavy industry mainly deals in Huaxia tower crane, QTd, QTP, QTZ, tower crane, elevator, tower crane, material machine and other products. Linyi Huaxia heavy industry of company independently develops hydraulic jack up tower crane, flat head tower crane, tower crane, QTd and other products with 8 technical patents. A good product (QTd tower crane, QTP elevator,Linyi Huaxia heavy industry ) is like a perfect movement, which requires our wholehearted investment, From raw material purchase to semi-finished product processing and later quality inspection All of them embody our painstaking efforts.
Huaxia tower crane

Huaxia tower crane

The special page of Huaxia tower crane provides you with the product information of various crane types and accessories of Huaxia tower crane, including the price, pictures and other information of Huaxia tower crane, which helps you choose better Huaxia tower crane products. Huaxia tower crane provides enterprises with product information of various crane types and applicable objects of accessories, including Huaxia tower crane price, pictures and other information, here to help you choose better Huaxia tower crane products.
5015 tower crane

5015 tower crane

5015 Tower crane is the most commonly used lifting equipment on construction sites. The extension (height) of each section (hereinafter referred to as "standard section"). It is used to lift construction raw materials such as steel bars, wooden beams, concrete and steel pipes. The function of the 5015 Tower crane is to bear the upper load transmitted by the jib pull rope and the balance arm pull rope, and directly transmit 5015 Tower crane to the tower structure through the rotary tower, turntable, bearing seat and other structural components. 5015 Tower crane ;50 represents the boom length of 50 meters, and 15 represents the maximum lifting capacity of the boom tip of 1.5 tons.

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