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In Dec. 1985, the company initiator Xia Chunting started individual operation with 48 yuan.
Weihai Huaxia Building Materials Co., Ltd. was founded.
The company readjusted its industrial structure for the first time, shifting from making cement to tower cranes and lifters.

In 1995, the company constructed the first private business industrial park in Weihai, with an area of 740 mu and an investment of 500 million yuan.

In 1995, the company spent a lot of money in buying out “Huaxia” trademark, making itself the first private enterprise purchasing trademark.

In 1995, Shandong Huaxia Group Co., Ltd. was set up under the approval of Shandong Business Association.

In 1997, “Huaxia” trademark was awarded “Shandong Famous Trademark.”

In 1997, Shandong Huaxia International Economic & Technological Cooperation Co., Ltd. was set up.

In 1999, the sales volume of “Huaxia” tower crane was ranked top for the first time.

In 2002, the company carried out the second readjustment of industrial structure and founded Huaxia Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.

In 2003, Huaxia Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd. was awarded “High-tech Enterprise.”

*In 2003, Huaxia Pharmaceuticals Ecological Park was constructed, with an area of 1,700 mu and a total investment of 700 million yuan.

In 2004, Huaxia Pharmaceuticals Group Co., Ltd. was set up.

In 2006, Weihai Huaxia Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. was founded.

In 2007, the company carried out the third readjustment of industrial structure and invested 5.5 billion yuan in the 20 “Huaxia Town.”

In March 2007, Weihai Huaxia Hotel Co., Ltd., the largest star hotel in Weihai was set up.

In July 2007, Linyi Huaxia Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. was set up, with an area of 425 mu and an investment of 700 million yuan.

In Dec. 2007, Weihai Huaxia Automobile Driver Training Co., Ltd. was set up.

In 2008, Weihai Huaxia Town Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. was established and developed the 2,600mu project “Huaxia Shanhai Town” and the 1,300mu project of “Huaxia Shanshui Town.”

In 2009, Weihai Huaxia Consultation Management Co., Ltd. was set up.

In 2009, Weihai Huaxia Scenic Spot Co., Ltd. was established and promoted large outdoor performance—“Tour in Huaxia.”


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About "Ten Not Hanging" in the Use of Tower Crane

  Tower cranes are widely used as vertical transportation machinery in construction operations, and have become indispensable construction machinery in construction. As a large-scale construction machine, the analysis has the following characteristics from a safety perspective: 1. It usually has a huge structure and a relatively complicated mechanism, which can complete one lifting movement, one or several horizontal movements.   2. There are many kinds of heavy loads, and the load is variable.   3. It needs to be operated directly in a large range, and the activity space is large.   4. There are many exposed and moving parts, and often come in direct contact with lifting operators (such as hooks, wire ropes, etc.), which has many potential risk factors.   5. Complex operating environment.   6. It is often necessary for multiple people to cooperate to complete an operation.   The existence of many of the above-mentioned risk factors determines that there are many accidents of lifting injuries, and once an accident occurs on the tower crane, not only the property loss but also the personal injury most of the time, the impact is greater, so it has been classified as special equipment management. The manufacturing, installation, use, and maintenance of the company have issued relevant specifications and regulations. The relevant departments or units have summarized the "ten no lifting" regulations for lifting operations as long as they adhere to this "ten no lifting" "In principle, tower crane accidents can be avoided to the greatest extent. However, in the actual production, there is no scientific, specific and practical version of the "ten-no-hang", and there are no special provisions in the relevant specifications of the tower crane. This article attempts to analyze and summarize the various versions of our site and various specifications of tower cranes, and on this basis, put forward specific regulations on the "ten do not hang" tower cranes for your reference.   Now lists the relevant "ten not hang" circulated in our place as follows:   1. The tower crane "Ten No Cranes" in the book "Safety Management System for Construction Sites" issued by Chengdu Safety Supervision and Management Station:   1. Someone staying or walking under the boom and lifting heavy objects is not allowed to hang.   2. The hoisting command should be performed by full-time personnel qualified in technical training. No command or unclear signal is not allowed to hoist.   3. Slender materials and multiple objects such as steel bars, steel bars, pipes, etc. must be tied firmly, and the single-headed "kilogram" or untied strapping is not allowed to hang.   4. Perforated plates, hoppers, and hand-pull dump trucks do not require four-point or large template plug-in plates, and are not allowed to hang when unloading armor cranes. Prefabricated reinforced concrete floor slabs are not allowed to be double-slung.   5. Hanging blocks must use safe and reliable block fixtures. Hanging bricks must use brick cages and be neatly stacked. Wooden bricks, embedded parts and other sporadic objects should be stably stacked with containers.   6. Floor, girders and other hanging objects are not allowed to hang.   7. Sheet piles, well point pipes, etc. buried in the ground, as well as sticking and adhering objects are not allowed to hang.   8. Multi-machine operation should ensure that the distance of lifting heavy objects is not less than 3m. When operating on multiple machines on the same track, it is not allowed to hang without safety measures.   9. Strong winds above level 6 are not allowed to hang.   10. Hanging heavy objects or exceeding mechanical allowable load is not allowed to hang.   The first of the above, "Someone stays or walks under the boom is not allowed to hang". This is definitely unavoidable in the construction site, because when the crane crane rotates, it almost covers the entire site, under the boom. There must be someone who stays or walks; "there is a person who stays or walks under the suspended heavy object and is not allowed to hang" is already contradictory. If it has already been lifted, it is required that it is not allowed to be hung, so this is meaningless. In the fourth article, the hopper is probably a special hopper that is equipped with the tower crane. This must be lifted at four points, but the hand-overturned hopper truck is afraid that it is forbidden to be used for lifting materials, so this article should also be modified; the rest of the articles are only It illustrates some particularities, not completely.   Second, the tower crane "Ten No Cranes" in "Migrant Workers Night School Reader" from Chengdu Safety Supervision and Management Station   1. Overload and oblique pulling are not allowed to hang.   2. The bulk goods are too full or the strapping is not allowed to hang.   3. No command, disorderly command and unclear command signal.   4. The edge of the hanging object is sharp and ther
Several factors causing the accident of tower crane

Several factors causing the accident of tower crane

  Due to the particularity and structure of the tower crane, its safety concealment exists in many factors such as installation, use, management, natural environment and so on.   (1) The structure of the tower crane itself   The rigidity, stability and strength of the tower crane steel structure directly affect the safety of the tower crane. Because the crane is subjected to frequent alternating loads during the operation, it is very easy for the steel structure friends to fatigue and break the maple. For example, cracking of the welding seam of the tower crane web, fracture, deformation, and bending of the base material reduce the rigidity, stability, and strength of the structure, cause the steel structure to break thinly, and destroy the local stability of the steel structure. Introduce friends accident.   (2) The quality of electrical systems and institutions   The working mechanism of the tower crane adopts electrical movement and control. The advantages are convenient control, saving cost and low cost. At the same time, electrical components are easy to achieve standardization and generalization, easy to replace and maintain, and easy to realize various safety protections. The working state of the electrical system of the organization determines the reliability, safety and performance of the tower crane. If there is damage or abnormality. It may cause an accident. If the electrical system fails, it can cause shock vibration of the mechanism, resulting in broken shafts and broken teeth and attracting friends. Damaged clutches or brakes or vector control may cause crashes and heavy objects. Aging electrical insulation or broken cabinets may cause electric shock. The failure of various safety devices may lead to accidents such as falling towers, folding arms and falling heavy objects. If the amplitude limit or travel limit is invalid, it may cause a big car or a small car to rush and even derail. The overload limiter and torque limiter fail, and the arm and tower may fall.   The failure of the height limiter may cause the wire rope to overwrap into broken rope and fall accidents of heavy objects. Phase sequence protection vector rescue, in the case of wrong phase and broken phase. It may cause disorder of operation instructions and cause accidents.   (3) Human factors   In many tower crane accidents. Most accidents are due to user violations or misuses. The two accidents mentioned below also have elements of illegal operations.   A non-driver of a certain unit does not ring the bell to drive. As a result, the extravagant workers on the track were crushed. When the installation team of a machinery construction company inspected the TQSOB tower crane, in order to replace the boom puller, it was prepared to remove the balance weight first and then replace the pull plate pin to connect the boom and the lifting rope together , And then use the car to lift the boom. Open the boom pull plate pin. When lowering the boom, the backward tilting moment due to the balance weight is very large, causing the tower crane to lose its balance and causing the balance arm and the tower tip to fall together.   Accident during disassembly. Due to the high weight of the metal structure of the tower body, the disassembly and assembly of the tower crane is a high-altitude operation, which is dangerous and technical. Among the tower crane accidents, the accidents during the disassembly and assembly account for a considerable proportion, and they are relatively large accidents. Some tower cranes are not disassembled by professional installation teams but by non-professionals. Due to the low quality of the installation personnel, the ability to prepare installation plans, the ability to select schemes and mechanical calculations, and the ability to formulate scientific disassembly and assembly, so that new problems or special problems in the operation process cannot be solved, something happened   is inevitable. The quality of some installations is substandard, leaving hidden dangers.   Improper management. Insufficient training of the staff, insufficient understanding and implementation of various rules and regulations, and insufficient management of the work site have all laid hidden dangers for the accident. Some enterprises have unsound systems and staff have no rules to follow, so they have to rely on personal experience to operate and are prone to making mistakes. Some enterprises do not implement special personnel planes. In addition, different factory models have different operation handles. Therefore, it is possible for the driver to make mistakes; some work sites temporarily combine some staff for work needs, making it difficult for the commander, driver, and rigger to achieve   The industry is coordinated, and some non-professionals or leaders temporarily act as operating personnel, which will inevitably lead to errors and accidents; some companies do not pay attention to maintenance management and fail to eli
Maintenance of slewing bearing device of tower crane

Maintenance of slewing bearing device of tower crane

  (1) The mounting support of the slewing bearing (the seat supporting the bottom surface of the ring gear and the seat placed on the upper surface of the inner ring) must have sufficient rigidity, and the mounting surface should be flat. Before assembling the slewing bearing, the bearing should be stress-relieved to reduce the deformation of the slewing bearing. The contact surface of the bearing and the slewing bearing must be cleaned up during assembly.   (2) Pay attention to the change of noise and the change of rotation resistance torque during use, and disassemble and inspect if there is any abnormal phenomenon.   (3) The slewing bearing must be lifted or stored horizontally. Do not lift or store it vertically to avoid deformation.   (4) Before the bolts are fully tightened, the gear meshing inspection should be performed, and the meshing condition should meet the requirements of gear accuracy: that is, the contact spots distributed on the tooth surface of the gear pair after running under slight braking are in the height direction of the gear teeth Not less than 25%, not less than 30% in the length direction of gear teeth.   (5) The debris should be removed once for 10 shifts of tooth surface work, and re-applied with grease.   (6) In order to ensure the reliability of the bolt work and avoid the insufficient preload of the bolt, the preload torque of the bolt should be checked separately after the first 100 hours and 500 hours of the slewing bearing work. The pre-tightening torque should be checked every 1000 hours thereafter.   (7) High-strength bolts and nuts are used for bolts and nuts connected to the slewing bearing; double nuts are used for fastening and anti-loosening.   (8) When tightening the nut, the thread of the bolt and the end surface of the nut should be coated with lubricating oil, and should be tightened with a torque wrench symmetrically and evenly in the circumferential direction multiple times. During the last tightening, the pre-tightening torque on each bolt should be approximately uniform.   (9) Four oil cups are evenly distributed on the upper surface of the slewing ring gear aligned with the raceway, thereby adding grease to the raceway. Under normal circumstances, the slewing bearing is lubricated once every 50 hours. Each time you add oil, you must add enough oil until grease leaks from the seal.
Energy saving, tap potential, reduce energy consumption, increase efficiency, generate income and promote development

Energy saving, tap potential, reduce energy consumption, increase efficiency, generate income and promote development

  In response to the call for building a conservation-minded society, energy saving and consumption reduction, Linyi Huaxia Heavy Industry continuously improves its internal management level, fully taps its internal potential, and vigorously implements energy-saving potential tapping measures to reduce production costs and improve economic efficiency.   In order to save all kinds of production resources, we insist on energy saving starting from bits and pieces, and take the "save electricity, a drop of water, a piece of paper, a drop of oil, a penny" activity as a long-term project, let informal papers use paper Thrifty behaviors such as double-sided printing and people turning off lights have become a habit and a normal condition in the work life of the majority of employees. At the same time, it is firmly to eliminate the waste on the production site, so as to turn off the power in time and operate various equipment in accordance with the operating procedures. The earth reduces the consumption of various materials. In order to effectively reduce the consumption of raw materials, our company strictly controls the admission inspection and processing quality in raw material procurement and production to ensure that raw materials are used in high quality and efficient. For the management of the company's vehicles, the company formulates fuel consumption standards per 100 kilometers, and gives negative incentives to drivers who exceed the fuel consumption standards. At the same time, the vehicle speed is monitored through the monitoring system to prevent the phenomenon of fast driving, improve vehicle performance, and reduce abnormal maintenance costs.   The company implemented a series of energy-saving potential tapping measures, which has effectively reduced energy consumption levels, lowered production costs, improved economic efficiency, and to a certain extent, also enhanced the company's market competitiveness. The company will continue to implement in-depth energy saving and tap potential work to promote the company's sound and rapid development.
Who controls the tower crane-the dialogue between the enterprise and the management department

Who controls the tower crane-the dialogue between the enterprise and the management department

  In view of the chaotic situation in the production, supply, marketing and use of tower cranes, some formal enterprises have put forward their own suggestions.   Xia Chunting, member of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC Provincial Committee and chairman of Huaxia Group, discussed his views. His suggestion is to use the new certificate replacement opportunity next year to revoke the production licenses of a number of manufacturers who no longer have the production conditions. For enterprises that want to join the tower crane production industry, can they implement the practice of first obtaining a license and then obtaining a business license as they are for pharmaceutical companies.   It is understood that the production license for tower cranes will be changed every 5 years. Now the licenses for the whole country have expired last year, and the country wants to start the license renewal work next year.   Regarding this suggestion, Liu Hongsheng, director of the Production Licensing Department of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, said in an interview with our reporter on September 24 that the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine will start the work of renewal of licenses next year. It is responsible for organizing experts to compile the implementation rules for certificate replacement. For an enterprise applying for certificate issuance, experts will be organized to visit according to the rules, and new certificates will be obtained after they are qualified. Director Liu said that after the completion of the certificate replacement, the National Bureau will organize a nationwide rectification campaign against unlicensed enterprises. Wu Jianping, director of the Production Licensing Office of the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, added that companies may be fraudulent in order to obtain certification, and once found, they will be revoked forever.   Some companies suggested that the annual inspection and supervision system of tower cranes should be strictly used to strengthen the management of operators.   It is understood that the operating risk of the tower crane is higher than that of cars driving on the road. The annual inspection and scrapping system of the car and the qualification examination of the driver are extremely strict, but the tower crane is not the case. The annual inspection is a form, and some regions have also developed cross-departmental management Chaotic situation. In addition, nearly half of the tower crane accidents occurred during installation or disassembly. The main reason for such accidents is the low quality of the installers and operators. People who do not have the operation license of the tower crane driver also open the tower crane without strict management.   On September 24, Cui Gang, the director of the Special Equipment Division of the AQSIQ Boiler Bureau, told reporters that in the past, there was indeed a cross-management situation of "no one cares, no one cares". status. He said that the State Council has clearly stipulated once again in the three plans issued by the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine in August this year that the annual inspection of tower cranes and the security inspection of newly installed tower cranes and the training of operating personnel will be conducted by the post. The organization of the quality inspection system and other administrative departments shall not interfere. Cui Gang said that from October 1 this year, the quality inspection system will enter the security inspection link of the tower crane in force, and strict training and certification of driver personnel.   From July 1, 2001, the use of 20D derrick tower cranes is prohibited, because this type of simple tower cranes produced in large quantities in the early 1990s has great hidden dangers. It was suggested that the whole country should also promote the practice. Regarding the 20D derrick tower crane, if there are indeed serious safety hazards, the relevant experts should consider this issue when preparing the implementation rules for the certificate replacement and put forward the proposal of "national cut-off".   Xia Chunting also suggested that, from the perspective of safety performance, the country should promote basic tower cranes to minimize or even prohibit the two types of heavy-duty and walking cranes.   For this suggestion, Director Liu Hongsheng said that we will fully consider how to strengthen the safety performance requirements of heavy-duty and walk-over tower cranes in the implementation rules for certificate renewal, but the comprehensive ban of these two types of products must be coordinated by other departments of the State Council.
Several problems that should be paid attention to in the demolition of tower crane

Several problems that should be paid attention to in the demolition of tower crane

  With the gradual development of construction projects towards the direction of short-term construction, the demolition of tower cranes in construction is becoming more and more frequent, and assembly and disassembly have become a very important work link. Based on ten years of work experience, the author discusses several issues that should be paid attention to during the demolition of tower cranes, so as to improve together.   1 Installation site selection   Under the premise that the tower model has been selected, the installation site selection should handle the following items: ① one-time installation can complete the overall project construction, avoid secondary displacement; ② avoid dead corners on the construction plane; ③ fixed attachment points It is convenient to choose and install; ④ the tower crane is easily disassembled and transported during construction; ⑤ avoid its sub-buildings, high-voltage power grids, etc. in the construction space; ⑥ help to install other equipment and lift building components according to construction needs.   2 Personnel organization   Tower crane assembly and disassembly is an important, dangerous, and intensive three-dimensional operation project, which must be highly valued from the ideology and fully guaranteed from the organization. In addition to the necessary construction management and professional technical personnel, all construction workers should undergo professional education, have the corresponding work safety knowledge, operation skills, and hold a certificate to work. Tower crane assembly and disassembly should be carried out by a professional construction team.   3 Discuss the demolition of construction equipment and equipment preparation   3.1 Issues to be noted   The migration of tower cranes generally involves disassembly, transportation, installation and other links. The equipment and machinery must be carefully organized and arranged to ensure safety and improve efficiency and economic benefits. It should be noted that: ① all lifting installation equipment should not only be used for large materials, but also not allowed to use overload capacity; ② transportation equipment should be arranged according to the quality and shape of each part of the tower crane, and try to avoid super long, super high, super wide, and heavy transport ; ③ Try to use the construction method of disassembling, loading and transporting, and installing at the same time to avoid secondary backhaul or occupying the undesirable construction site; ④ The site should be equipped with workers or ambulances, and high-altitude operations must be equipped with necessary communication tools Favorable for safe operation and normal construction.   3.2 Selection of lifting slings   Tower crane assembly and disassembly should generally be equipped with white hemp rope or nylon rope, various specifications of steel wire rope sleeves, steel cables, a certain number of 8# iron wires and special tools. These tools have sufficient allowable tensile force and safety factor. Different performance spreaders and rigging must be used and scrapped according to the corresponding standards.   3.3 Inventory and preparation of equipment parts   Phenomenon such as missing parts and few parts influencing the progress in construction are not uncommon. In order to ensure the construction progress, the above parts should be strengthened, managed, inspected and repaired; small parts and spare parts for equipment; special, general bolts, mother, pad; various specifications and Number of coupling pins and shafts; special tools for equipment assembly and disassembly; trimming tools for damage and deformation of some structural parts; wire rope clamps, rope loops, etc.   4 Tower crane foundation   Before installing the tower crane, you must ensure that it has a correct and intact foundation. The foundation of the tower crane is two types: fixed base and track walking. The following issues should be noted.   1) The foundation ground bearing capacity is the foundation foundation, and the necessary measures should be taken to ensure that the ground bearing capacity is 10-20t/m2. It can be constructed by tamping or compacting with 3:7 lime soil. Never use backfill soil and garbage without directly treating it as a base or rail.   2) The fixed base should be constructed according to the design requirements, to ensure that the size of each part, especially the embedded bolts, etc., must meet the size requirements from the foundation center to the building for building construction and attachment installation.   3) The track foundation should be constructed according to the design requirements, to ensure the technical requirements of the thickness of the gravel, the width of the subgrade, the spacing of the sleepers, the type of rails, rail joints, connecting rods, car stops, grounding, etc.   4) Under the foundation of the tower crane, there should be no hidden trenches, shelters, etc., and necessar
Xia Chunting: Analysis and suggestions on the development of tower crane industry

Xia Chunting: Analysis and suggestions on the development of tower crane industry

We now have small businesses and large businesses, and we should unite to make it through the severe winter. Now we have another problem in this industry. Large enterprises have the funds to engage in the business model of renting and buying. I think this kind of business model is very good, but this lease time cannot be extended. Once the time is extended, it may be beneficial to users, but the impact on the same industry may be greater. This seemingly good surface is actually vicious competition.   Character introduction Xia Chunting, a native of Huancui District, Weihai City, Shandong Province, joined the work in 1985. He is the chairman of Shandong Huaxia Group, a member of the Standing Committee of the CPPCC of Shandong Province, a vice chairman of the Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, and a member of the Standing Committee of the Weihai CPPCC Shandong Huaxia Group, founded by Xia Chunting, is a small family workshop originally with only 48 yuan of assets. After 15 years of development, it now covers an area of ​​more than 300,000 square meters, with assets of 280 million yuan, more than 2,300 employees, five It is a large inter-provincial, cross-industry and cross-ownership heavy industrial enterprise with subsidiaries of five independent legal entities and five branches in five provinces.   Company Introduction   Huaxia Group is located in Weihai, Shandong, a famous world human settlement city with beautiful scenery. Here, it is surrounded by mountains and sea, with beautiful scenery, fresh air and pleasant climate. Huaxia Group was founded by Mr. Xia Chunting, and started to produce cement pipes with 48 yuan in December 1985. In the spring breeze of reform and opening up, in just 26 years, Huaxia Group has rapidly grown from a single industrial enterprise producing tower cranes to a modern, large-scale enterprise group that spans multiple industries and multiple fields. The total assets of the group are more than 6 billion yuan, and the total registered capital is 780 million yuan. The business scope of the company involves the production and sales of tower cranes and pharmaceuticals, skill education, overseas labor services, driver training, hotel services, construction and real estate development, tourism development, consulting management and many other fields, and in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, etc. There are 18 branch companies in each place.   Moderator: Next, we are interviewing Mr. Xia Chunting, NPC deputy and chairman of Shandong Huaxia Group. President Xia welcomes you.   Xia Chunting: Thank you.   Moderator: What is the current development of our tower crane industry?   Xia Chunting: I feel that the microclimate must adapt to the macroclimate. Now the national macroclimate may directly affect the microclimate. I think our industry should exercise self-discipline to face the difficulties of the current big situation together. I estimate that this difficulty will not take a long time. The market in China is generally like this. Maybe the next wave will rise again. Before we get up again, it will be like a "bear". Whoever has more fat can pass this severe winter, and whoever has less fat will disappear. In this severe winter. We now have small businesses and large businesses, and we should unite to make it through the severe winter. Now we have another problem in this industry. Large enterprises have the funds to engage in the business model of renting and buying. I think this business model is very good, but it can’t lengthen the lease time. Once the time is lengthened, it may be beneficial to users, but the impact on the same industry may be greater. This looks good on the surface, but it is actually vicious competition. I feel that we should do this thing according to our common rules. Secondly, we have some small enterprises in Weihai. It may start tax evasion and tax evasion for the purpose of vicious competition. It takes the escaped tax as profit and sells it to customers for vicious competition. Then some companies will find it difficult to survive. I consider that we are self-disciplined in the industry to cope with difficulties together, but we hope to compete, and hope to compete under equal and fair conditions, so as to achieve common development.
Basic requirements and safety points for tower crane operation and maintenance

Basic requirements and safety points for tower crane operation and maintenance

  Tower cranes are large products and products with high safety requirements. It is not easy for construction companies to buy a tower crane. Therefore, it is of great significance to correctly grasp the knowledge of use and maintenance, avoid accidents, and extend the service life of machinery. Whether a tower crane works well or not depends on design quality and production quality. However, the tower cranes of the same type have different functions and benefits in different users' hands, which can be very different. This fully shows that users use and maintain well, which plays a decisive role in the loss of equipment.   Section 1 Basic requirements for user use, maintenance and management   Tower crane users should use, maintain and manage:   (1) Users should establish management files for tower cranes. Including the instruction manual, delivery list, spare parts, installation handover records, etc. entered into the construction unit, which can be checked.   (2) It is necessary to formulate a tower crane maintenance system and strictly implement it. It is required that the equipment management personnel can understand the operation status of their tower cranes, whether there have been any faults, and whether they have been handled properly. And there are records.   (3) Correctly handle the relationship between use and maintenance, not just re-use and relax maintenance. In fact, good maintenance can greatly improve the use efficiency and reduce accident losses.   (4) It is necessary to provide technical training for operators, strengthen the education of basic knowledge of use, maintenance and maintenance, cultivate them to consciously care for the habits and atmosphere of mechanical equipment, master basic skills and skills, and strictly abide by the operating regulations. Unlicensed personnel are prohibited from taking up positions.   (5) Prepare necessary material conditions to meet the needs of maintenance work. Such as oil pot, grease gun, oil cup, funnel and special]: with equipment, provide cotton yarn and lubricating oil according to the quantity on schedule, and supply the necessary spare parts and accessories on time.   (6) Under special construction conditions, to change the installation and construction conditions of the tower crane, you must get in touch with and negotiate with the supplier, and you can't make changes with self-righteousness. If necessary, you must consult the design unit and professionals.   (7) Create the necessary environmental conditions for the normal use of the tower crane, such as construction space to avoid collision, lighting, power supply environment, waterproof immersion, etc. For the operators, provide comfortable and convenient working conditions as much as possible, pay attention to cooling and heating, reduce their fatigue and distract attention.   Section 2 Basic safety awareness that operators should have   A tower crane, whether the use of the factory is correct, whether the maintenance is thoughtful and effective, the key is the operator. The operator must clearly realize that he owns not only a large-scale equipment, but also the life safety of himself and some people on the construction site. The responsibility is very heavy. Must be careful at all times. As an operator, it must be deeply understood that the most terrible thing about tower cranes is the inverted tower, followed by collisions and damage to the mechanism. Therefore, every effort should be made to prevent the tower crane from losing its balance, preventing collision, and preventing overload.   1. Excessive torque is the root cause of tower collapse   Operators must absolutely prevent excessive torque. There are some reasons for the excessive torque, which should be highly noticed by the operator:   (1) Use when the torque limiter fails or is not adjusted properly. The torque limiter operates only when it exceeds the torque, and usually does not operate. At the same time, it often does not attract attention. The operator should check it consciously at ordinary times. Press the contact of the upward switch of the pressure limiter to see if the alarm ring still sounds. The sound proves that it can operate normally. If it does not sound, it proves to be a fault, and it should be repaired before operation. As for use without adjustment, it is a serious violation of the regulations and very dangerous. It is best to install a torque indicator so that you can know what the lifting moment is and how far it is from the dangerous situation. The operator should refuse to operate the tower crane when the torque limiter is abnormal.   (1) Pull it horizontally and diagonally. The tower crane is forbidden to lift diagonally. However, it is difficult to lift the crane completely vertically on the construction site. Generally, when calculating, the horizontal force of the factory sling inclined by 3° (tan3°=5%) is considered. The horizontal component force is 5%, but the generated torque is not


QTZ250(7030) tower crane

QTZ250(7030) tower crane

QTZ below 40 tower crane

QTZ below 40 tower crane

QTZ 50 tower crane

QTZ 50 tower crane

QTZ 63 tower crane

QTZ 63 tower crane

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